Scales That Work Over Bb Blues

Thinking of a dorian scale will work for a modal tune with extended sections of minor 7th tonalities, but as you try to improvise over ii-V7’s and more complex progressions, you’ll need to rely on more than just a single scale. For instance, take a ii-V7 progression in C Major.

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Apr 10, 2015. I was confused: If blues solos don't come from scales, then where do they. B.B. King's solo on “Sweet Little Angel” (Live at the Regal) literally.

B.B. continued to do well as the ’80s ticked around, gathering new fans to add to the blues faithful and maintaining. but after studying his work, you’ll find that both chords and scales were used.

I don’t think it would work in the context. "I basically play in the pentatonic scale and that’s like the go-to blues player scale" and mentioned that he’s tried to surround himself with "really, r.

To improvise over the Cm7 I use the C Melodic Minor scale (sometimes this scale is called Jazz Minor scale) and the C Blues scale. C Melodic Minor scale has the B note. If you play this note against the Cm7 chord which has a flat B, you hear a dissonance.

The chord-scale approach could work well for you but you probably won’t be playing Lydian and Dorian quite as much as the Jazz guys. You will likely be playing more blues scales, where you could turn every major chord into a dominant 7, and a lot more of the other modes.

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You can use the C major pentatonic over a C major chord – C6 – Cmaj7 – Cmaj9, or a dominant chord – C7 – C9 – C11 – C13. Use the A minor pentatonic over an A minor chord – Amin – Amin7 – Amin9. Use the A blues scale over an A dominant chord, – A7 – A9 – A11, or Amin chords, Amin, Amin7, Amin9.

We look at the different types of 12 bar we find in jazz, rock, blues and other genres. When you play the blues the same scale (based on the key you are in) is. These scales need not be restricted to blues music, they can also work well over.

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Try C Minor Pentatonic & Blues over all the chords. Since this is a major I-IV-V blues progression Minor Pentatonic & Blues will give killer bluesy sounds and is probably the first choice for many players. C Minor Pentatonic & Blues = C, Eb, F, Gb, G, Bb. Try C Major Pentatonic over all the chords.

Below I have tried to summarize what scales will definitely work in the blues I-IV- V progression, based on which chord you are currently on. Lets say we are in.

Here's a Jazz Blues solo for you to learn with some typical bebop phrasing!. Of course the Bb pentatonic/blues scale will work fine but we need more options to.

We will show you an advanced topic about blues improvisation. to get off from the surface and go beyond the Minor Pentatonic scale + Blues scale. Even if these chords with seventh of the dominant are not being solved in their. Just as a curiosity, the Major Pentatonic in Blues is really used by the guitarist B.B. King.

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He is a legend that leaves a legacy of great music and hard work we can. "The Blues lost its best friend with the loss of B.B. King, and the music world lost a giant. I was privileged to have worke.

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A minor pentatonic scale with extra blues notes. The minor pentatonic scale is a fantastic scale to jam over a 12-bar blues with, but by adding a few more notes you can infuse your blues with the slick sounds of virtuoso blues-meisters such as Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford and more.

Let's learn the blues scales on piano and keyboard in every key. For instance, in the C blues scale the notes are C – Eb – F – Gb – G – Bb – C. The flat third,

Dec 20, 2015. This is done by selecting a scale that works over the entire key and only playing. I will explain a few methods that work well for chord soloing.

produces the C Blues scale : C – Eb – F – Gb – G – Bb – C (Audio 2). In relation to the Major scale the notes of the Blues scale are : 1 – b3 – 4 – b5 – 5 – b7 – 1. The b3.

. all levels. Go deeper within scales, arpeggios and blues scales. Yeah, I know it sounds strange to use a B natural note during a B flat blues. (i.e. we're not working on the 3-5-7-9 for their own sake, but rather, in a cool harmonic context).

Jan 12, 2018. D Dorian Blues Scale, D Minor Pentatonic, D Major Pentatonic, Am7b9 – a c e g Bb – works well under this scale and with this progression.

Then publish and share your ideas with the other musicians you meet on the. and E. The notes G and Bb are also sometimes played slightly off their expected pitch. The Blues scale fits well with all of these chords because it contains the.

I don’t think it would work in the context of what Megadeth does. I basically play in the pentatonic scale and that’s like the go-to blues player scale." Mustaine noted that when transitioning from.

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The minor pentatonic scale can also be used over major chords like in a blues chord progression. The combination of notes from the minor pentatonic scale over the major chords is part of that bluesy sound.

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Jun 13, 2017. The Dorian mode is the next scale on your to-do list. Dorian is a versatile mode that can work with both major and minor keys. melancholic-yet-somehow -upbeat mood, Dorian is most often spotted in its natural habitat: jazz and blues music. Gb – Db – Ab – Eb – Bb – F – C – G – D – A – E – B – (F#).

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Try C Minor Pentatonic & Blues over all the chords. Since this is a major I-IV-V blues progression Minor Pentatonic & Blues will give killer bluesy sounds and is probably the first choice for many players. C Minor Pentatonic & Blues = C, Eb, F, Gb, G, Bb. Try C Major Pentatonic over all the chords.

…scales, which can be used to improvise over dominant chords formed on the first, second, fourth and fifth degrees of the scale. Scale #3 – The Dorian Scale Another important scale blues musicians must be acquainted with is the dorian scale.

If you would like to practice this scale over a backing track you can use the backing tracks designed for the Dorian mode or alternatively, as the dorian mode is the blusiest sounding mode of the major scale, it will also work over many of our blues backing tracks.

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guitar scale: E Blues scale Forget the guess work and use our helpful scale. used to create a heavier dissonance while playing over a blues chord progression.

Jun 1, 2017. Guitar basics: how to solo over a 12-bar blues chord progression. The minor pentatonic scale is a fantastic scale to jam over a 12-bar. Although the chord has changed to D7 here, the A minor pentatonic notes all still work.

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Key Signature Chart for Major Scales. Here is the Bb major scale. Click on the play bar below to hear a Bb major scale. return to top. After you have played that over about 15 times I’ll bet you can do it from memory. Easy, eh??. Here is a link to a web site that shows how the chromatic scale and other scales work on a guitar,

Similar to soloing over a key, you can use the major and minor scales to solo over chords. The major scale can be used over major chords, and the minor scale can be used over minor chords. Both scales, however are considered modes using the names, Ionian and Aeolian respectively.

Usually, we begin improvising on songs like blues in Bb or F, Satin Doll, over the harmony (changes, chord/scales) to whatever song you are working on.

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The idea behind these scales is to have one single scale that should work over the whole form of a blues. They should also work over any dominant 7 th chord that shares the same root as the scale (assuming bluesy vocabulary is appropriate over the dominant 7 th chord in question). Super Blues Scale Version #1

The blues scale is great because it can be used to solo over all the chord changes in a twelve bar blues progression. Tips and tricks Country and bluegrass lead guitar players love to use the blues scale in.

A jazz scale is any musical scale used in jazz. Many "jazz scales" are common scales drawn. NOTE: A dominant bebop scale works well over an entire ii V. Note well that the C major blues scale and its relative minor, the A minor blues.

It describes two Bb Blues Scales. What he calls the Minor Blues Scale is what other books just call the Blues Scale. Note that the relative Minor to Bb Major is G and if you look at the Minor Blues Scale in G you will see that it contains exactly the same notes as what he calls the Bb Major Blues Scale except the later begins and ends on Bb instead of G.

I've already briefly delved into bebop scales here on the LJS site before, and in. over II-V-I's. And it works for both major and minor II-V's (details on that below)!.

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